Company philosophy


The customer is the centre of attention of all our activities. We orientate ourselves uncompromisingly towards their objectives and requirements. In doing so, we aim to offer the best all-round service and solutions from a single source.


Our biggest capital is our employees. Their experiences and capabilities are the basis for successful project realisations and transport solutions. A maximum degree of identification with our company and its objectives guarantees a maximum degree of commitment to our customers' good.


The diverse requirements of a transport chain and controlling them in the best possible way for our customers requires perfect teamwork, which we attach the highest priority to.  The cooperative work together with our customers, business partners and foreign colleagues  is the key to our success.


We trust in our experience and expertise of many years and the sense for what is possible, so that new pathways can be taken.


Working with colleagues and dealing with customers and business partners can only be successful if values such as honesty, decency and fairness are maintained. This is why our actions are characterized by reliability which builds the basis of sustainable trust.